Empower, Advance and Lift Up Our Youth

Youth who have been involved in the foster care system face unique challenges and need the support of our community. Although some of these individuals qualify for tuition and fee exemptions, there are many costs associated with post-secondary education that are not typically covered. Private colleges and universities, vocational/trade and career schools, books, computers, meal plans and transportation are generally extra expenses that fall under the responsibility of the student.

The Guardian ad Litem Foundation, with the generous support of John and Margie Arrowsmith in memory of their daughter, Krista, have established The Empowerment Scholarship Endowment that will help bridge the gap for these young adults. Revenue raised through the endowment and ongoing donations will be used to empower these individuals as they navigate through post-secondary education to rise above their circumstances.


The Empowerment Scholarship is an endowment that generates an annual return that will be used to fund the scholarship along with any additional donations received. The number of recipients and amount awarded is contingent upon the availability of funds. If you are interested in helping to Change a Child’s Story by donating to The Empowerment Scholarship, please click the button below. Or if you would like to help Empower, Advance and Lift Up Our Youth with peer-to-peer fundraising, we have made it easy for you and provided all the tools to share your campaign.


Interested in applying to The Empowerment Scholarship or know someone who might be? See below for information on qualifications.


  • Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. The Empowerment Scholarship Committee will review all requests and submit to the awards committee for approval

  • Criteria is subject to change at the discretion of the GALF Board of Directors


In order to apply for the scholarship, eligible recipient(s) must:

  • Be between the ages of 18-26*

  • Have been placed in foster care, an out-of-home placement, or was appointed a court approved Guardian ad Litem for at least six (6) months*

  • Have earned a standard high school diploma or equivalent

  • Have been accepted into an accredited state university, state college or university, vocational or technical school or a career college

  • Have a Grade Point Average of 2.5 + or equivalent


There are no restrictions in terms of the field of study, award usage, work history, etc.


  • Written verification of out-of-home care, foster care placement, or appointment of court approved Guardian ad Litem

  • Annual application to include written essay

  • Personal interview with the scholarship committee

*The Empowerment Scholarship committee is able to authorize an award for a youth who may be outside of the criteria listed above, due to extraordinary circumstances on a case-by-case review.

Princess Evans at info@theempowermentscholarship.com or (904) 738-3882


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