Introducing GALF’s Empowerment Scholarship

Introducing GALF’s Empowerment Scholarship

In early 2022, the Guardian ad Litem Foundation launched The Empowerment Scholarship with the generous support of John and Margie Arrowsmith in memory of their daughter, Krista. This scholarship is intended to Empower, Advance and Lift Up our young adults who have been in the child welfare system.  These individuals face unique challenges and need the support of our community. Although some of these individuals qualify for tuition and fee exemptions, there are many costs associated with post-secondary education that are not typically covered. Private colleges and universities, vocational/trade and career schools, and necessary supplies such as books, computers and meal plans are generally extra expenses that fall under the responsibility of the student. This scholarship will help bridge the gap for these young adults residing in Duval, Clay, and Nassau Counties who have been involved in the dependency court system or have aged out of foster care. Revenue raised through this endowment and ongoing donations will be used to empower these individuals as they navigate through post-secondary education to rise above their circumstances.


Pictured: John Arrowsmith, Margie Arrowsmith, Tiana Irby (first Empowerment Scholarship recipient) and her foster mother, Jackie.

Guardian ad Litem Foundation is proud to announce the first disbursement of $5,000 was awarded to Tiana Irby at the annual No Place Like Home in May. Tiana was selected for her exceptional performance as a student, graduating with 4.64 GPA from Raines High School, and for being an amazing human being overcoming the many challenges of being in foster care during her adolescence. Her scholarship will help her as she continues her at FSU in the fall.

To learn more about the fund or how you can donate, please visit the link here.