#ChangeAChildsStory for a lifetime.
Our Normalcy Program helps provide kids of all ages with the necessities needed so that they can assimilate and thrive as they grow.


Give the gift of normal and put a smile on a child’s face.

Every day, GAL Volunteers and Case Advocates see first-hand how difficult life is for children who have been placed in the foster and dependency system. Removed from their homes for abuse, neglect and abandonment, these children have so much going on around them and circumstances that are out of their control. It can be very hard to adjust in an uncertain and new environment.  

We not only want to be the voice for them to ensure their safety, but we want to help make the entire process easier for them by providing necessities that are “normally” provided to other children and families. Daily items that can be taken for granted and hard to come by once in the system. Items like car seats, strollers, clothing, shoes, school supplies, toys, and even payment for extra-curricular activities. Our goal with this initiative is to give them a reason to smile and feel somewhat normal by providing them with the simple things that a typical childhood affords. Your donation to GALF can literally help put a smile on a child’s face. 

Real Life Stories and Smiles Created

Happy Halloween

Twin girls who were removed from their parent’s home for a second time were able to enjoy a memorable Disney experience with their new foster family.

Situation and Request
A Guardian ad Litem Child Advocate Manager (CAM) was advocating for twin girls who were in foster care after their second removal from their parents. They were placed with a foster family who were at full capacity with eight children, including two additional foster children. The foster parents wanted to take the family to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Disney World but lacked the financial means to pay for all the children. The CAM was seeking financial assistance for the two girls’ entry fee to attend with their new foster family.

GALF Normalcy Programming At Work
GALF was able to pay for the sisters’ tickets for the Disney experience. This afforded the foster family the ability to take the entire family to Walt Disney World and give the girls a happy experience to remember for years to come.

“The girls just celebrated their 15th birthday only a month following their second removal. I just wanted to do something special for them.”
– Child Advocate Manager

Summer Camp

Two sisters who were struggling victims of abuse were able to attend summer camp and engage in fun activities with other children.

Situation and Request
A Guardian ad Litem Child Advocate Manager (CAM) was seeking assistance for two young sisters who came into foster care as victims of alleged sexual and domestic abuse. The girls struggled tremendously with the guilt of speaking out against their mother and made little progress in therapy as they were constantly being reminded of why they were in the dependency system and not at home with their mother. Their CAM was advocating for them to participate in a summer camp experience as a reprieve. She requested financial assistance from GALF for summer camp for the sisters.

GALF Normalcy Programming At Work
GALF paid for three weeks of summer camp for each girl, allowing them a momentary pause from their stress on the home front. This allowed them to shift their focus, engage with children their own age, and participate in fun activities…like other kids.

“The girls finally had the chance to just be children.”
– Child Advocate Manager

Swim Lessons

Two siblings who were placed with a water-friendly family were able to take swim lessons in order to safely assimilate to their new lifestyle.

Situation and Request
GALF was contacted by a Guardian ad Litem Child Advocate Manager (CAM) advocating for two of the children in her care. She was seeking financial assistance with paying for swim lessons for two siblings in the dependency system who were placed in a family home that was VERY active in boating, fishing, and other water activities. The children could not swim upon placement and the family feared for their safety and could not afford the expense of swim lessons on top of additional living expenses.

GALF Normalcy Programming At Work
GALF was able to cover the request and cost of swim lessons for the children. This not only ensured their physical safety around water in general but helped the siblings assimilate into the family and participate in all their family activities, eliminating one more stress for the children and their pre-adoptive foster family.


You can make a tax deductible, one-time donation here. And every little bit helps put a smile on a child’s face!